“I recently downloaded and installed Windows 8. After making a repair disk for it, I tried to backup the system onto my external drive. I was unable to complete the action. The PC wasn’t recognizing my external drive, even though it was showing up in “my computer” and in “administrative tools”.
When trying to backup onto the external drive, I kept getting windows telling me that the backup drive was not being recognized. I have two partitions on my external drive. I formated the partition before I tried to backup the Windows 8 PC.
Now my PC won’t boot up. I get the splash screen, then a window telling me that the “boot manager is missing”.
I tried using the restore disk, and that didn’t work. I went into the BIOS and set everything to the default settings. Didn’t help. Then I found in the BIOS that the hard drive and the CD / DVD players were being displayed as “dissabled”.
How can I fix these problems ??”

The question above is from answer.microsoft.com, it is a common one among recent windows 8 issues. It is obviously that windows 8 won’t start is exactly what may frustrate our emotion deeply especially we are going to do something important through using it. I believe most of you are not able to put up with such an issue comes up to your computer. But if unfortunately the disaster occurs to you, what can you do? What I am going to sharing here is about how can we fix computer won’t boot in an easy way. Maybe it is available for you.

What may causes windows 8 won’t boot ?

1.There may be one of the following boot file lost.
* NTLDR is missing or corrupted
* Ntdetect.com is missing
* Ntoskrnl.exe is missing
* NTFS.SYS is missing
* BOOTMGR is missing or corrupted
* Hal.dll is missing
2.MBR issues can lead to hard disk boot failure. When it happen, you will see “invalid partition table”, “hard disk boot failure”, etc. on your computer and you can’t boot windows 8.
3.Partition boot sector is corrupted
4.Registry is corrupted
Others like corrupted or missing Windows system file; corrupted DPT (Disk Partition Table); damaged MBR, and corrupted registry are the common causes of computer boot failure, too.
After we got to know why your windows 8 won’t boot, we can take some measure to fix it now.

A most effective solution to windows 8 startup repair

Sometimes the system’s auto repair makes little to the issues occur. So we need another method can asolutely solve the problem just like the following one:

1.Run Windows Boot Genius to burn rescue bootable disk.
2.Set computer boot from the disk
3.Fix the issue by launch Windows Boot Genius

As a matter of fact, it isn’t difficult or complicated at all to fix windows 8 boot error so long as we follow the above baby steps. I hope my share can be available for anyone who is in need.

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