Do you know how to use iCloud? Do you know how to delete iCloud account from an iPhone? If you don’t know about this problems exactly, you can read this blog to get the answers.

How to use iCloud:

Step1: We need to open their own iCloud switch settings on the phone ,
Step2: With their existing Apple ID to sign in , if you do not have an Apple ID can register used in accordance with the steps , this account determines your iCloud shared situation (such as your iPad, Mac as long as they use an Apple account , or your family is also the account , you can share your iCloud information) after registration must remember the password of your user ID .
Step3: We can set up in the iCloud they need to share information , such as contacts , if the fear of the phone is lost , the loss of contacts , iCloud can help you secure the preservation , e-mail, document information as well.
Step4: iCloud will provide a cloud backup , your iPhone will automatically back up your information at the link Wi-Fi in the case, not to buy storage space iCloud will be free to provide you with 5G cloud services space , if necessary on their own Buy . 5G full backup will not be in shared. After full, Apple will prompt us whether to buy , if we need to be able to purchase directly.

Step5: The family also share the new iCloud features , you can use this program to share your photos and videos , you can share your purchased applications in the same piece of debit cards, family cards share step by step by step to complete your chapter family Information can be successfully used .
Step6: After the backup we can look in Mac backup to iCloud in their own files , such as contacts , files and all your information is backed up to iCloud , will be able to directly open view on the phone .

How to delete an iCloud account from an iPhone.

How to delete an iCloud account on your iPhone running ios 8:
Today, as we all know that with ios is starting to use, if we want to delete an iCloud account or restore a device, the iPhone will requires us to Find My iPhone to be disabled.
Step1: Open setting on your iPhone , then tap on iCloud.
Step2: Scroll way down and tap on Sign out.
Step3:Then tap on Sign out in the alert message. In this filed, it will tells you that when you tap out sign out, all photo stream photos and documents & data stored in iCloud will be removed from this iPone. Afer that, you will see the delete account alert.
Step4: After that, you will see the delete account alert. On here, it will asking you what you like to do with iCloud Safari data and contacts on your iPhone when the account is deleted. You have 3 choices. (Keep on my iPhone, delete from my iPhone and cancel).
Step5: Choose to enter your iCloud password so that it can turn off find my idevice. Then you will see the screen as below.

After these steps above, your iCloud account will be removed from your iPhone. The iCloud settings page will only show a login form.

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