“Help! I forgot my iCloud account password. How to deal with it? I need to type the correct password in order to download photos from iCloud backup to iPhone 7. However, I can’t remember the login password at present. Now I am locked out of iCloud. I have tried the possible passwords and nothing help. I am so tried to try it again and again. I hope there is anything I can use to cope with this problem. Thanks in advance.”

The iCloud is a kind of cloud service that Apple provides to us, you can treat it as network disk. With Apple iCloud, you are able to synchronize the contacts, messages, passwords, photos, etc from iPhone/iPad/iPod touch to it. However, once you forget iCloud password, you won’t use it any more. What’s even worse, you can’t see the previous information that you backup in iCloud once you lose its account password.


As a matter of fact, iCloud password is the same as Apple ID password. You can login iCloud and Apple ID in every iOS devices. That is to say, iCloud is one of the services of Apple. Now that, when you forgot iCloud password, you might need to get the help from Apple. Here we share some tips about how to recover forgotten iCloud password with you. Hope it can solve your problem.

Top 1: Recover Forgotten iCloud Password via iOS Device

Once you forgot password of iCloud account. First of all, you can try your best to reset it on your iOS device, such as iPhone, iPad or iPod. Here we take iPhone as an example.
Step 1: Click “Setting” in iPhone. Pull down the interface and then you will see the “iCloud” option with a purple cloud icon.
Step 2: Just click “iCloud” and then you can see the login interface. Under the password textbox you can see the link of “forgot Apple ID password”.
Step 3: Click the link with color blue and then you can enter another interface about password forgot option. Then just type in the Apple ID account, which is the email address when you register it.
Step 4: Click Next to enter another UI. In this step, you have 2 selections. One is to reset password with Email, the other is to recover it with security question. Click one and then go to the next step.
Step 5: If you choose to reset via Email, then you are about to receive an email via Apple. There is a link in it, and you just need to click the link. After that, follow the instruction to reset your Apple ID password, also the iCloud password. It is the same as to recover password with security question.


Top 2: Recover Forgotten iCloud Password via Apple website

In addition to the above question, you can also reset it by visiting Apple official Apple ID or iCloud website.

(1)Recover iCloud Password from icloud.com
In this part, you need to visit https://www.icloud.com. After loading the page totally, you will see the login frame in the middle of the page. Now you need to click the “forgot Apple ID or password” link to begin the resetting.

(2)Recover iCloud Password from appleid.apple.com
Besides, to visit https://appleid.apple.com/ is also working while resetting your password. In this website, you will see the “Forgot Apple ID or password” option. Just click it without hesitation.


Both of the 2 websites will enter https://iforgot.apple.com/password/verify/appleid page. Now in this page you will need to type the email address of your Apple ID and then click to continue to follow the steps. Then the steps is the same as the first way.


Well, that’s all about how to recover/reset iCloud password when you forgot it. Have you got the methods? Of course yes, they are so simple to read. By the way, if the password you lost is not iCloud backup, but iTunes backup, you can use Tenorshare iPhone Backup Unlocker to recover it. With that tool, your password will be easier to figure out.

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