Forgetting Windows 10 password on your HP laptop can be a nightmare. It can happen sometime for some stupid reason, set a password and don’t use often, complicated or confused password, etc.

When you lose or forget your Windows 10 password on HP computer, you find yourself cannot access to your own computer. Don’t worry, you still can try some ways to reset Windows 10 password on HP laptop.


In this tutorial we’ll show you how to create a password reset disk and boot off it to reset Windows 10 lost password on HP series laptop.

Password reset disk can be created before you forgot Windows 10 password for HP laptop. But if you have not created one, Windows Password Key can help you to burn it into bootable USB drive or CD/DVD ROM.

Windows Password Key offers high performance to create a password reset disk to reset the lost or forgot password on Windows 10 and Windows 8.1, 8, Vista, XP, 7.

1. Download and install Windows Password Key on your another available computer. Then open it and insert a bootable USB drive into this computer.

2. Select a “USB Flash Drive” or “CD/DVD” and then click “Burn” to create a reset disk. The creation process will take a few seconds.

3. Plug the Windows 10 password reset disk into HP laptop, and then boot it from USB flash drive. Press F12 when you start HP laptop and enter Boot Option Menu. And then choose USB to boot HP laptop.

4. After you have BIOS boot order option reconfigured, restart your locked HP machine. Wait until the HP computer restart to boot from the password reset disk you just created, you can see the program interface.

5. Choose an locked account and select “Reset your password”, and then click “Next”. After a minutes, new password was changed to Re123456 in default, and you can edit it yourself.

That is the whole process to reset Windows 10 password on HP laptop. With this amazing Windows password recovery tool, you should not worry the Windows password lost any more.

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