Since Windows 10 free push-install in last month, a part of Windows users have upgraded to Windows 10. However, there are something occurred on Windows 10, such as boot up, freezing, crashing and Windows 10 Microsoft account password reset. Here we mainly discuss how to reset Windows 10 Microsoft account password.

The process of Windows 10 Microsoft account password reset.

Step1: Open the Google page and enter Microsoft account, then click the search result link in the official Microsoft account.
Step2: Click to go to create a Microsoft account page, where we do not need to register, just click the back of the login.
Step3: On the Microsoft account login page, we click the “cannot access your account?”
Step4: On the back page Microsoft account process, we choose I forgot my password, and then click next.
Step5: Re-log in to your account page, enter the account you want to retrieve the password reset, and then click next.
Step6: Click into Microsoft account to authenticate to retrieve the page, enter your email account when registering Win10, then click Send code, if you have been verified, I already have the code directly by clicking on it.
Step7: Here we will open the Net Ease mailbox, enter the mailbox account and password, then click login, as shown below. Note: What is your mailbox, you go log on to your appropriate mailbox.

Step8: After a successful login, find Microsoft’s get back to the mailbox to reset your password Microsoft account verification code in the mail.
Step9: Will receive a verification code sent to fill in to Microsoft account to enter a security code input box, and then click next.
Step10: Adoption of the security code verification after entering the Microsoft account Microsoft account password reset page, enter your new password Win10, and then click next.
OK, the system prompts your account has been restored, has changed your password, the next time you can use the Microsoft account a new password Win10 systems, as shown below.

Use the tool-Windows Password Recovery Tool to reset Windows 10 Microsoft account password.

Windows Password Recovery Tool, a professional Windows password reset or remove tool. Here you can learn how to reset Windows 10 Microsoft account password in 3 steps.
Step1: Download Windows Password Recovery Tool on your computer.  Select Windows installations that you would like to reset password; choose “Reset your password”. Then click “Next”to proceed.
Step2: Choose Microsoft account password reset. Edit the password in the new password box. Then the after you changed the new password, you can reset password yourself.

windows password recovery tool
Step3: After you changed password successfully, you can click “reboot” to restart your computer and login Windows 10 with the new password.

The tips of Windows 10 login password reset.

How often this happens? After into the system, set up a picture password (or PIN) used for a long forgotten local password, but some validation (such as Exchange Online accounts) cannot be replaced with a picture password (or PIN), and a situation more tragic is wrong four times in the boot image password (or PIN) after, the only local password if you forget this time, no doubt begin tragedy … so forget the local password, reset the password becomes very important.
Step1: Open run lusrmgr.msc Local Users and Groups features.
Step2: We find the user – on the right to find their user names, right-click, set a password, a warning will pop up.
Step3: Click Continue after entering the password and confirm, thus completing the local password reset:
Step4: It is worth recalling the original image after reset passwords and PIN code will fail, need to be reset.
Summary: After upon 4 steps. You can login Windows 10 successfully.
Hope this blog is useful for you to reset Windows 10 login/ Microsoft account password.




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