It is a pity that the password you type in your Windows 8.1 personal computer as usual is incorrect by accident. We can’t obtain the reason you lose the password, but once you lose your password, perhaps the first idea in your mind is to reinstall Windows 8.1 system. However, is that the only method to rescue your Windows 8.1 PC? Of course not, there are still some other practical measures that you are able to use. Now let’s see how to reset login password of Windows 8.1 computer as below.


Alternative 1: Reset Password Windows 8.1 via Admin Privilege

First of all, if the lost password account is not admin account and there is the admin account that you can log in, then I want to say you are so lucky! You can still login the admin account and then enter the control panel, see the locked Windows 8.1 account and then reset its password as the new one. Next, you remember what the new password is and login your locked Windows 8.1 account with the new password. This is the best advice that I can help with you. After that, you will know that how useful the admin account is!


Alternative 2: Reset Windows 8.1 Admin Password via Microsoft Account

If you use the Microsoft account ( also named Windows live account) to login Windows 8.1 computer but unfortunately you can’t remember it, it is not so difficult this issue. Every official account has its password reset system. You can just visit Microsoft official website and click the Windows Live ID reset password link, then Microsoft help center will send you a password reset link to your register email address. Emm, sometimes, you may even need to confirm the login email is still in usage.


Alternative 3: Windows 8.1 Reset Password via Windows Password Recovery Tool

The last option that I suggest is the third-party tool, such as SmartKey Windows Password Recovery, Windows Password Key, Tenorshare Windows Password Reset or Windows Password Recovery Tool. All of them are professional software to help with your password reset problems. Here I just take the Windows Password Recovery Tool as an example to tell you how to reset password on Windows 8.1 computer.
Step 1: Download and install the software from official website (or the download center of CNET) and remember to download it from another accessible laptop, not your locked PC.
Step 2: Burn the software to CD/DVD/USB and then insert the drive to your locked machine.
Step 3: Restart your PC and then change the BIOS setting to start from your disc.
Step 4: You can see the software interface. Just choose the locked account and then remove or reset it.


Well, that’s all about how to reset the password of Windows 8.1 laptop or desktop. Now you can take a decision to save your Windows 8.1 computer!

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