“Help! I forgot the password of my iPhone 5s! I really need to remember my iPhone 5s passcode. But to my surprise I can’t remember it now. I hope I can remember it but I forgot it. So I need to know how to reset iPhone 5s passcode. I hope I can reset it. Does anyone get the idea about how to reset passcode? So please tell me about it. Thank you so much!”

We treat iPhone as the best mobile phone in the world. Lots of persons use it and play with it. There is a passcode that so many persons use it to unlock their iPhone. But they may get some problems that they forgot it. Take iPhone 5s as an example, in this article we will discuss about how to reset iPhone 5s from forgotten passcode.


Measure 1: Ask Apple Customer Service for Help

If the forgotten passcode iPhone is your own iPhone, you can take it to the Apple Store with your invoice and then ask their customer service for help. They will try their best to help with you. It is also the easiest and simplest method for you. But the premise is that you can find out your invoice. If not, please use another method.

Method 2: Ask iTunes for Help

Connect your iPhone 5s to computer. And then open iTunes, click to enter iPhone interface. After that, iTunes will ask you to backup your data. You had better backup your data in iTunes or iCloud at first. After that, you can click the button to factory reset your iPhone 5s, then your iPhone passcode will be unlocked and you can enter your iPhone 5s.

Measure 3: Ask iPhone Care Pro for Help

The third method is to make use of iPhone Care Pro to unlock iPhone 5s passcode. This software enables you to unlock your iPhone 5s forgotten passcode in DFU mode with no data loss. You just need to follow this step as below.

Step 1: Download and install iPhone Care Pro on your computer. Run it and then choose Passcode Unlocker from the main interface. Put your iPhone into DFU mode.
Step 2: Then you can get to another user interface. Click “Copy Passcode” and then paste passcode. This passcode is your lost iPhone passcode.
Step 3: Exit iPhone DFU mode. Restart your iPhone and then enter the password you just recovered.

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