“How do I stop windows 7 on my Dell laptop from asking for my password?”
“Windows 7 starter- no admin set but asking for password”
“Windows 7 Home is asking for a login password but I forgot it, so I can’t get pass the login screen.”
“I forgot Windows 7 password on my Dell laptop, I just wondering whether I could erase this login password so as to avoid of asking for password”

Have you ever met such trouble? How can you solve it finally? Are you sick and tired of typing in your password every time when you login your Dell laptop, there are some simple ways for you can do to prevent it from happening again. But which is the best way to reset it and log on Windows 7 password automatically on Dell laptop? It depends.

Situation 1: Remember Windows 7 login password

For most of us, we are just running a PC for something unimportant and wish to auto login instead of log in every time when we reboot our computer. So, here I would like to share an easy way with you to auto login especially for you running a PC for something unimportant.

Step1: Get to the Advanced User Accounts Control Panel and Type in netplwiz into the start menu search box, click enter, and you’ll see this screen: (If it doesn’t work? Type in control userpasswords2 instead)
user account

Step 2: Hit Apply when uncheck the box that says “Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer”. You’ll see a username and password box. Type in the correct information here and click OK:

auto login

Make it! You can auto login your Windows 7 on Dell laptop from now on.

Situation 2: Forgot Windows 7 login password and locked out of Dell laptop

In this situation, you can resort to windows password reset program. Ophcrack is a powerful and free windows password reset tools, for windows 7; You need to download a 496 MB ISO file. Use them to burn a bootable CD toreset dell password (http://www.lostwindowspassword.com/reset-dell-password.html) Windows 7.
Free windows password reset tools also include Offline NT Password & Registry Editor, Cain & Abel, and PC Login Now, but their operation steps are too difficult for majority users.

Forgot windows 7 password and need to reset dell laptop, it is a really annoying trouble; most people would want to reset forgotten windows 7 password in order to gain access to Dell laptop quickly. To serve for these users, Windows Password Key Professional was created.
With its friendly user guides, Dell password reset  can be finished in minutes with ease.

Download and install Windows Password Key Professional from http://goo.gl/XSyI in an unlocked computer., launch it and insert a CD/DVD or USB disk in this computer. Select the inserted device (CD/DVD or USB disk) and then click the related burn button. A few seconds later, a boot Dell password reset disk will be created.
Then you can begin to reset dell password windows 7 by taking the following steps after the boot Dell password reset disk is Ok. These steps also work when you forgot Dell Windows 8/Vista/XP/2008/2003/2000 password.

Detailed Steps
1. Insert the boot Dell password reset disk in your Dell laptop Widows 7 computer.
2. Start/Restart the Dell from the inserted boot disk.
3. When Windows Password Key Professional appears, select the user account you want to change password of, and then click Reset button.
4. The selected user account password will be changed to blank. Click Ok to close the message box.
5. Click Reboot button to restart Dell. Remove inserted boot disk during restarting.
6. When the Windows 7 logon screen appears, log into the user account you’ve just changed password of without password.

That is Ok! You can make Windows 7 on your Dell laptop stop asking for a password no matter you remember or forgot the password. Is it easy to do so?


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