I forgot the password to a important word file of mine and don’t have a backup. I’ve tried every program I could find using google but most of the have restrictions on how or what they can try. Does anyone know of a program that can decrypt or remove the password of a pdf file that actually works? Or a program that can change an excrypted word file into a word document? Anything like that would work.
I don’t know what to complete, so search yahoo and google for “word password recovery”, while i  found Smartkey word password recovery can remove word password, i chose to try that.

Below are the easy steps on how to remove Word Password.
Step 1: Launch Word Password Recovery and you will enter the user-friendly interface.
Step 2: Import password-encrypted Word document by clicking on “Open” and selecting the file on your PC.
Step 3: Choose “100% instant document decryption” which is recommended because it is the fastest and most efficient mode for Word password attacking. Click “Next”.
 Step 4: Click on “Document Decryption” to initiate the recovery. After the recovery, a newly fixed file will be generated in the folder where your source file locates.

According to these steps, I finish word password remover, I just share my experience about how to remove word password, oneday if you aslo have the similar problem, you can try it.

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