“I forgot my adobe document password in last week, now I have no idea about how to recover forgot adobe document password. Can you teach me how to do that in easy way?” Sure that we can. To recover forgot Adobe document password is much easier than before. We can get detail answers as below.

How to remove forgot PDF document password?

PDF Password Recovery is the powerful tool that can instantly recover password locking PDF documents created with all versions Adobe. Below we can learn the detail steps about how to recover forgot adobe document password with the professional PDF password recovery software.

pdf password recovery

Step 1: Download and install Smartkey PDF Password Recovery on your computer.
Step 2: Running PDF Password Recovery on your computer, then click “open” to add PDF files to the software window.

Step 3: Here you need to select one password attack type to recover your password. There are three types for you. Brute-force attack, brute-force with mask attack and dictionary attack. Making your option and then click “start”.

Step 4: Waiting for the start process ending, then you can get forgot adobe document password back.
Just 4 simple steps to help you recover adobe document forgot password in easy way.

How to set a password Adobe PDF document?

PDF documents are all common everyday document formats, because of its convenient and simple to use by office users love, but how to set password on Adobe PDF document is much difficult to much users. Below we can get answers.

Step 1: Using Adobe Acrobat Pro 9 to open encrypted document that you need. Note the use of Adobe Acrobat Pro version!
Step 2: Click on the menu bar, Advanced – Security – Using password encryption.


Step 3: Appears to change the security settings for a document! Click OK to continue! Check the “password to open the document requested” that open password!

Step 4: Check the “document editing and printing restrictions” that modifications and printing privileges!
Step 5: Compatibility 6.0 above the general election on the line, meaning that the higher version can open! Input completion OK to continue.

Step 6: Pop open system password verification page, and enter the same password on the step, it is determined. The system displays the Modify permissions password authentication and print the page, and enter the same password in Step 4 can be determined.

Step 7: All right! Password setting over! Click Save or close a document, save the changes! Set to complete!
The test is successful, close the document, reopen been prompted to enter your password! That’s all.

In the end, can you recover forgot adobe document password by yourself. If not, take it easy, you read again to get correct answers.

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