We all know that facebook password lost or forgot is not an uncommon phenomenon. Then how can we recover facebook password without confirmation reset code in safest and quickest way? We can follow detail guide as below.

How to get Facebook password reset

Method 1: Reset Password
Step 1: Access to each other’s e-mail address. You need this address to reset the account password.
Step 2: Open the Facebook login page. Sign out of your current online account. Click “forgot password” Button.

Step 3: Enter their Facebook login account e-mail address. Click “this is my account”.  Click on “account cannot enter” Button.
Step 4: Enter e-mail address you can control, do not enter your Facebook account mailbox binding.

Step 5: Try to answer your security question. If you can answer your security question, you can change your password. If not, then read on. If you cannot answer your security question correctly, click “restore my account with the help of a friend”.
Step 6: Find three trusted friends who can help you hacking into the account. Facebook will restore the verification code sent to the account you choose three friends.

Step 7: If your friends are willing to help you, you choose the password sent to them, and then by the Friends of the password sent to you.
Step 8: To reset Password. After entering your verification code sent to your friends, you can reset the account password.

Method 2: Protect your password
Step 1: Enabling login authentication. This is Facebook’s two-factor authentication system, you can prevent unauthorized logins.
Step 2: When identifying your Facebook account when you are not authorized to log in on the device, it will ask your phone to send a verification code.

Step 3: You need to enter a verification code to sign in to the account. If there is no verification code, the intruder will not be able to enter your Facebook account.
Step 4: Select a unique password. Do not use the name, date of birth, home address, notional as the password.

Step 5: This information is easy to guess. To ensure security, you should use a variety of words, with the letters, and the characters are arranged with completely random order. Longer passwords are random, the more easy to use.

Step 6: Different passwords for different accounts set up. If the mailbox, online banking, Facebook all use the same password, it is very easy for someone else to steal all in one breath.
Step 7: Regularly update the password. If you suspect someone to steal your password, you should change your password immediately. Prevent others without your consent invade your account.

Step 8: Remember to sign out of the account. Especially in the device to log in with the others pay attention when logged out. If you know someone will use your computer, then use their computer time must remember to log out.
Step 9: Install a firewall to prevent key loggers. If you have keyboard input information is being sent to a third party, the firewall will warn asking whether to accept the request to send to send.

Top 2 methods to teach you how to recover facebook password without confirmation code in safe way. Or you can depend on your own case to recover the password in other efficient way.


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