Packard Bell is a brand of Acer and as one of the main personal computer brands, it is popular in Europe. As for Windows 8 computer, have you ever met the disaster about Packard Bell Windows 8 password loss? Well, it is really a bad luck for you to lose Microsoft Windows account login password, but once the problem happens, how to crack your forgotten login password? It seems that it is not so difficult for us to handle with this disaster. In this article, we are about to discuss about how to crack Packard Bell Windows 8 password within 3 methods.


Method 1: Crack Packard Bell Windows 8 Password with Administrator Privilege

In this method, if the lost password is not Administrator password, you can use the default Administrator account to login the Packard Bell computer and then remove the account that lose password. The process is so simple to use. Just login Administrator account and then into the control panel. Keep clicking Next until you find out the interface which is able to remove Windows account password. At last, you are able to crack locked Windows 8 account password and then to login it without password successfully.

Method 2: Crack Packard Bell Windows 8 Password with Safe Mode

Power on your Windows 8 laptop and then press F8 rapidly until the screen show you a black screen with some selections. After that, choose “Safe Mode with Command Prompt” and then press Enter in the keyboard. Wait for a while, the Packard Bell laptop will start Windows in Safe Mode and finally the command prompt will turn out.


Now with the help of this command prompt, you can bypass Windows 8 login password quickly. Just type “net user” command and then hit Enter, it will show list of all users. At this time, type net user owner 123 to reset the locked account password to 123. After that, there will be a message shows that “the command completed successfully”. Then you can login Windows 8 password with the password “123” in your Packard Bell laptop.


Method 3: Crack Packard Bell Windows 8 Password with Password Key

The last but not least way is to make use of Windows Password Key to reset password Windows 8. It is a professional program to help you reset, remove Windows login password or create Windows account and remove Windows account. It supports all brands computer password crack. Keep your curiosity and try to see how to use this gadget as below.
Step 1: Download and install Windows Password Recovery from another accessible computer.
Step 2: Burn this software to a CD/DVD/USB flash drive. Then plug in the disc to locked laptop.
Step 3: Change locked laptop’s BIOS setting to boot from CD/DVD/USB.
Step 4: Restart locked computer to enter the software interface. Then you can see all the Windows account that is created in your laptop. Choose the locked one to crack it finally.
Step 5: Restart locked laptop again, plug out the disc and then you can login as usual with the new password or without password.

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