Actually to say, some users of Apple’s first use, may not know how to register Apple ID, you can look at the following to learn how to register Apple ID first.

How Registered Apple ID

Apple ID is used to log in using Apple Mac users account must have something on each account can use all the Apple devices, while Apple’s service may enjoy.
Step1: You need to log in Apple’s Chinese official website

Step2: Then find the Apple ID management at the site of “technical support”.
Step3: After that click to enter the Apple ID registration Home.
Step4: Then Click “Create ID” in the pop-up page to enter basic personal information to complete the registration.
Step5: In the end, click the Create fill out personal information, so you have a Apple ID.

Apple users the most common problem is forgotten apple id password, so there is no way to download from the Appstore applied. I had also forgotten the registered ID password, but fortunately have been looking back. You can read as below to learn how to reset Apple ID forgot password.

How to Reaset Forgotten Apple ID Password

Method One:

Step1: Go to My Apple ID (Click here to enter Apple ID page) and click “Reset Password.”
Step2: Enter your Apple ID name and click “Next.” If you forget your Apple ID, you can click the link on this page for more information.
Step3: You will see two options: email verification or answer your security question.
Step4: Click the link in the email or answer the security question, you will see an option to reset your Apple ID password is used.
Note: Any stored or services are using the old password will need to be updated with the new password.
If you feel unsafe in your account, please change the account password as described above. To enhance the security of your account, passwords should use more than eight characters long and contain both numbers and letters.


Method Two:

Step1: This is too general in Apple ID, open Appstore download, the user name ID number is displayed by default, and we only need to enter the password. So most of the time we forget that Apple id password. Open your browser and enter I forgot dot com dot apple in your browser, enter, as shown in Figure 1-1.
Step2: Open the browser back to Apple’s Web site, “My Apple ID” page, as shown in Figure 1-2. Enter your registered apple id number, click next.
Step3: Jump to the verification page, you can e-mail to verify your apple id registered account (usually mailbox), you can also answer questions to retrieve. Here I demonstrate via e-mail verification! Select “e-mail authentication”, click next, as shown in Figure 1-3.
Step4: E-mail sent successfully, prompted log in to your mailbox, according to the message instructions. As shown in Figure 1-4.
Step5: And now I’m used to register APPLE ID Log mailbox, I use QQ mailbox. After entering the Inbox, you can see the letter sent by e-mail Appleid, titled “How to reset your Apple ID password.” After opening, there are “immediate reset” bold tips. Click on it, as shown in Figure 1-5. (Note that the processing within three hours after the effective outgoing mail).

Step6: Then click the “Reset”, once again open the Apple “My APPLE ID” page, re-create the password prompt, enter a password and confirm it. As shown in Figure 1-6.
It should be noted that the first Apple ID password must be uppercase letters, which is the US diet, no way.
Step7: After you verify the password, click the “Reset Password” will be successful.
Then you can reset Apple ID password quickly. So that you can use just entered the password to download the application App store.
When you followed the steps that provide on above, you can reset your forgotten Apple ID easily. By the way, if you need to reset your iTunes backup password, you can try the tool- iTunes Backup Password Recovery. It is a much powerful iTunes backup password recovery tool on Google. Or you can search this tool on Google to learn more about it.

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