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Many parents have been convinced that their kids may need the top-tier MacBook Pro with Retina for school or they’ll face educational ruin. But contrary to what they may think, their kids probably do just fine with this great 13.3-inch Dell Latitude 3330. For small business, they no longer have to settle for clunky, heavy laptops. Believe it or not, let’s have a close look at it.

What is Dell Latitude 3330?
Dell Latitude 3330, packed with a 13.3-inch, 1,366 x 768 pixel resolution display with an anti-glare coating, is specifically for the needs of the education and small business markets. On one hand, it is a totally laptop built to handle interactive learning needs for students. On the other hand, it provides business-class control, which helps to tackle business productivity for small business users.

When Will Dell Latitude 3330 Released?
It is expected to be released in the end of April, 2013.

Is Dell Latitude 3330 an Ultrabook?
The Dell Latitude 3330 is thin and light, which looks like an ultrabook, but it’s not. It’s a fully laptop, which is cheaper, with a starting price of about $419.

What Will Students and Small Businesses Get Benefit from Dell Latitude 3330?

(1) Thin (21 mm) and light (3.43lbs / 1.55kg) design for mobility from classroom to classroom or home and back
(2) It features a 13 inch, 1366 x 768 pixel display, will be available with an Intel Celeron, Core i3, or Core i5 processor.
(3) Unlike most ultraportable notebooks on the market right now, the Latitude 3330 has more swappable battery options and 10 hours of battery life for all day productivity and great mobility
(4) It comes with an HD 720 webcam for video conferencing, as well as Wi-Di support so students can send their PowerPoint slides wirelessly to the HDTV for presentations.
(5) It also has all the ports and connectors: a VGA socket to plug into a projector, HDMI to plug into the HDTV, and USB 3.0 ports to keep their smartphones powered and transfer files quickly from hard drives.
(6) With a targeted 15-month stable lifecycle, the Latitude 3330 represents a smart choice for an easy to manage environment and effective control
(7) It offers models with Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, or Ubuntu Linux, and the notebook appears to come with hard drive and solid state drive options. Meanwhile, Dell Data Protection for strong authentication Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Linux Ubuntu support.
(8) It offers security management, including support for Dell Data Protection and Encryption
(9) It also releases an updated version of its Mobile Computing Cart, which is designed for classrooms and other environments where a large number of mobile devices need to be stored and updated.

How much is Dell’s Latitude 3330 cost?
The Prices of Dell’s Latitude 3330 start at $419 for a model with Ubuntu Linux and $519 with Windows 7. Dell Mobile Computing Carts also ship later this month and cost $2,799.99 for the managed configuration and $1,899.99 for the un-managed version.

Well, for many students and small businesses, this Dell Latitude 3330 is a perfect one for their daily work. Are you students or small business users? What do you think about this Dell Latitude 3330? Feel free to give you valuable comments below.

For data protection, it is very common for students and small businesses to set a Windows password to safeguard their Dell Latitude 3330. Unfortunately, they may forget Windows password accidently, who know? Here is a tip about how to reset Dell Latitude 3330 password, you may need it someday:


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