When I was using Yahoo Answer to hunt for some solutions to my problem, I found there are lots of people search about computer black screen of death and blue screen of death issues like “What can cause Black Screen Errors”,”How you can manually fix Black screen Errors?” or “Tips on how to easily fix Black Screen Errors?””My laptop runs into blue screen,what can I do?”,etc. Since I used to go through the experience of being affected by either computer black screen or blue screen and solve the problem finally after had tried many methods. As you are reading this article, the problem is possiblely occurs to you now, I believe my experience can be available for your requirements. What cause black screen error or blue screen error?It is deemed from uncertain issue,as it could be attributable to hard disk drive corruption,registry damage,a corrupted program or maybe virus.Without doubt,the issue consists of different fators is possible,too. But we can easily distinguish the causes from the screen display or by examine computer hardware. The primary problem is how can we fix black screen on startup. In fact,we could deal with it easily by just three steps. It is precisely what I want to share.

black screen of death

blue screen of death

Step 1.Create a bootable CD/USB

Download Windows Boot Genius from the official website and install it on a accessible computer. Insert a CD or USB Device Drive into the computer ,then run Windows Boot Genius to burn it into a bootable one. This process would be finished in several minutes.Then take the next step.

Step 2.Set BIOS boot from CD/USB

Enter into the BIOS of your corrupted computer, and choose the CDROM or USB Device Drive for the first option of Boot Device Priority under Boot menu. Then press F10 to save the changes and exit.

set bios boot from usb or cd

Step 3.Fix black screen or blue screen with excellent tool

Insert the CD/USB into the computer and reboot. You will enter into a WinPe system in a minute and the follow move is to double click the “Windows Boot Genius” icon on the desktop. When it starts run you will see the operation interface like below picture shows. Choose proper solution according to the problem of your computer and click start to rescue. Your computer will be OK no more than ten minutes at the end of the process.

All above is my experience on fixing black screen on boot, it is so easy and convenient,right?. Maybe there exists any better solutions that I haven’t gotten yet, but I believe that this is one of the most acceptable solutions to fix computer blue screen . Windows Boot Genius is available for windows 7 black/blue screen, xp black/blue screen, vista black/blue screen and even the newest version- windows 8 black screen. I hope what I share can be useful for you and may you fix your computer soon.

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